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Tafapolsky & Smith provides a full range of Immigration Services to employers and their foreign national employees. Employers appreciate our attention to the needs of the business as well as their employees.

  • Direct client access to decision makersEmployers and their foreign national employees have direct access to attorneys and partners to discuss and resolve issues quickly.  Clients always know who to contact to resolve their concerns. 
  • A multilingual staff of experienced paralegals Staff are cross-trained and capable of handling each case in its entirety so that all aspects of case and business related issues are identified, considered and resolved in a timely manner, without handoffs between departments.  We are able to serve the legal needs of foreign nationals and foreign-based companies in their own native language. See Professionals for more.
  • In-depth legal expertise on complex immigration issues - Our attorneys are highly regarded among their peers, sharing their leading edge knowledge of current immigration law issues. See Publications and Announcements


Customized Immigration Services

Customized Immigration Services are tailored immigration service programs for companies that don’t have or choose not to maintain an in-house immigration department.

  • We work with your in-house immigration team to conceptualize and refine your company’s policies regarding employees’ immigration benefits.
  • We achieve deepest levels of process creation and optimization, and minimize the managing liaison’s burdens.
  • Your company may transfer all immigration programs and benefits administration to us, with exception of essential company authorization and participation. 
  • Your company’s responsibility and workload are reduced to a broad and overall management of our firm’s efforts.
  • Our customized services approach consists of a five step process:
    • Needs Analysis – we work with you to determine how to successfully manage corporate immigration issues to support your business goals;
    • Team Assignment – our lead attorney and supporting paralegals meet with you to provide information on case strategies, procedures and timelines;
    • Client Training – we provide onsite training for management, HR, and employees covering immigration issues and legal remedies;
    • Information Management – we provide employers and employees with standard and customized case updates via both web portal and daily communications;
    • Successful Completion – we review case outcomes with employer and employee and present personalized options for the next phase of the immigration process.

Start-up Companies

Start-up Companies have access to our unique expertise for emerging businesses and resolving immigration issues related to growth and expansion.

You will receive on-going, timely, immigration policy advice prior to and during IPO, rapid growth periods, and other key business activities.

Small clients and individuals who are starved for attention and assistance at other firms benefit from the timely and effective services offered by T&S.

Individuals with Exceptional Talent

Individuals with Exceptional Talent benefit from our specialized expertise in preparing visa petitions for extraordinary ability, outstanding researcher/professor, and other categories designed for the best and the brightest. We assist your company’s exceptional individuals to obtain both nonimmigrant (temporary) visas and permanent residency.

Global Employers Seeking to Expand to the United States

Global Employers Seeking to Expand to the United States can rely on our multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff of U.S. immigration experts.  Foreign nationals and foreign-based companies can take comfort in being assisted in their native language when dealing with complex immigration issues.

  • Executives and employees who are not fluent in English can retain control of their immigration services with direct access to the firm’s multi-lingual staff.
  • Expanding to the United States from an Asian, European or Latin American country is simplified when key immigration communications and issues are handled in the employer’s native language.
  • Serving the legal needs of foreign nationals and foreign-based companies in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Persian and others.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions can disrupt immigration processes for key foreign national employees; our experienced attorneys anticipate immigration issues, provide guidance, perform due diligence, and provide for seamless continuity of representation for foreign national employees.

  • Assistance in understanding and planning for immigration consequences of mergers and acquisitions
  • Short term and long term business planning assistance, immigration strategy and policy change
  • Immigration policy advice prior to and during mergers, acquisitions, layoffs and other key business activities.

Employer Compilance

Employer Compliance with I-9, E-Verify and other immigration requirements is imperative in today’s climate of stepped-up workplace enforcement; we offer comprehensive immigration risk assessment and management services, including education, training and legal representation during investigations. 
Our employer compliance services include: 

  • Immigration Records Auditing and representation during government investigations
  • Corporate immigration policy development & implementation
  • I-9, E-Verify, and Social Security no-match counseling
  • HR Staff Training


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